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Dune HD Pro 4K Release Information:

Dune released production plans in December of 2017 for the new Dune HD Pro 4K Android based unit.

Shipping update: 6/1/18

We know this is the last thing a customer wants to hear, but there is another delay in production.  Here is what we know at this time from Dune directly.  

Dune was/is waiting for Realtek to deliver the processors to the factory.  As of this writing the chips are on r way and should be their this coming week.  Once the chips have arrived the units will go to SMT production and finally assembly/QC.   This whole process should take approximately another two weeks.  We have had UPS SCS ready to pick up the freight and normal shipping time is around 4 days door to door.  Every shipment we move from Asia, from every supplier, is air freight to avoid additional delays.  The only thing we can promise at this point is delays will not be on our end.  The orders will process and ship the minute they arrive.  We will post any and all information as soon as it is provided by Dune.  Again, we are sorry for these delays and we share in your frustration.  

Shipping update: 5/10/18

We have received a shipping update from Dune on 5/9/18.  The production run has been delayed and Dune has informed us that it should be completed and ready to ship to the USA in approximately 2 weeks.  We ship from Dune to the USA VIA air shipment and shipping from Dune to the USA normally is completed in 3-5 days depending on customs and clearance.  Once the order is received we should be able to complete all preorders in 1 business day depending on the time of arrival.  You may see a tracking number generated a day before the unit actually ships for staging purposes to attempt to get a head start on the order fulfillment.  We are sorry for the delay, but this was beyond our control. 

Shipping update: 4/6/18

We received the first sample product on 4-5-2018 and have been testing the functionality of the unit.  We will keep customers informed of the status of delivery times through the store email function.  We do expect them to be in before the end of April from what we know right now.  We did not want to release the product for pre-order until we had a unit in hands for testing.  We have no info on the Pro 4K Ultra unit at this time.

We can confirm the following:

Netflix does work and does work in 4K mode with a max bitrate of 15mbps.

Blue Ray menu control is not present yet, but Dune has stated they are working on this feature and it's planned for a future update.

4K HDR does function as tested with an LG OLED TV and a Samsung Quantum Dot.

4K SDR to 4K HDR conversion does work.

Dune Collection management, My Movies, and Zappiti does function as expected.

We will post the results of audio format testing as soon as we have them available.

We will post Dune IPTV plugin testing as soon as we test it.  We believe it should be ok. 

If there are specific items of interest you would like us to test, please let us know.  We want to make sure customers are getting what they expect and we will work with Dune to provide feedback.

Dune HD Pro 4K

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