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Blu-Ray Questions

  • What Dune HD media players plackback Blu-Ray folder or ISO structures with menu control?

    The Dune HD Media player models that playback Blu-Ray ISO and folder structure with menu are:
    Dune HD Max
    Dune HD Duo
    Dune HD Smart
    Dune HD Base 3.0 (not Base 3D)
    Dune BD Prime 3.0

    Any Dune HD Media Player not listed above can still playback Blu-Ray ISO and folder structure.  These players will playback these file types with BD-Lite.  This will start the main movie only based on the playlist built in the file.

  • What is system storage, and why do I need it for Blu-Ray menu playback?

    The Dune HD media players that playback Blu-Ray menu stucture need system storage as a place to store the operational files required for menu operation.  Without system storage menu playback problems, or even black screen/disc stops, can occur.

    To install system storage, please check here.

  • What storage method should be used for Blu-Ray media?

    While we can't give direct advice on what programs can be used, there are programs that exsit to archive Blu-Ray discs:  There are two main file storing methods.

    1)  Full archive: 
    ISO or Folder structure will give full menu control with players that offer full menu control

    2)  Single file main movie. 
    MKV and M2TS are the most common. 

    Any of the above formats can be played on all players, menu control is just dependant on the player model.

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