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Player Opperation and Troubleshooting

  • My Smart Series, Max, or Duo says this file cannot be played because of a region mismatch

    1) Download this file  http://www.duneplayer.com/rs.zip
    2) Extract this file to a USB drive or a network location.
    3) Click on the patch, and it will execute.

    After confirmation restart the player After the player has booted up, and you are on the main screen.
    Press the "mute" button 4 times on the remote, then button "1" on the remote.

  • I see the red light on the power button, but my player is not on. Why?

    The red power LED indicates the player is in the "off" or "standy" state. The LED will be off when the player is on.

  • My unit will not play certain files I have, what do I do?

    While we cover many extension types, there is no way we can be sure all files a customer has will play.  There are files we cannot play, and they are more than likley files not created by the user and very highly compressed for web transit.  We DO NOT support the behaviour of file sharing services, and will not consult on files the use has not created from their own media.  

    If you have a file you have made, and it does not play, adjust the creation settings to a higher quality to achieve playback. 

  • I just turned on my player and I see the Dune HD logo, but I have no video after that. What do I do?

    1) Turn off the player from the rocker switch in the rear, or remove the power source from the player.
    2) Power the unit back on. Wait until the front display says "ready" If the player has no front display, wait 30 seconds from switch on.
    3) With the remote control pointed at the player, press the "mode" button on the remote control
    4) After pressing the "mode" button press one of the following number buttons on the remote.
    "1" Composite/Component, PAL
    "2" Composite/Component, NTSC
    "3" HDMI, 480i, 60 Hz
    "4" HDMI, 720p, 60 Hz
    "5" HDMI, 1080i, 60 Hz

    This should restore your video mode setting. After you see the video selection screen, press "enter" and you can do final video configurations in the setup menu.

  • Can Dune HD media players read my files off a locally connected hard drive?

    Yes, they can read files from a locally connected drive. USB Hard drives over 2 TB should be tested before filling with content. Many of these drives need to be reformatted and partitioned.

  • Which dune models can play 3D iso files with menu support and forced sub titles?

    At this point there is no Dune HD media player that will do both BD menu control and 3D ISO.  This is a license limitation that we cannot at this time work around.  Dune is always working on new products, and if there is a way to offer this feature, Dune will.  The subtitles in the BluRay ISOs are not parsed unless the full menu is mounted.  If you are going to use a player to play main movie files, and forced subtitles are required, archive your media accordingly.

    Choices right now are:
    Dune Smart and Max - BD ISO with menu control, but no 3D MVC
    Dune Base3D and 303D - BD ISO 3D, but no BD menu control

  • Are Dune media players capable of being controlled by automation systems?

    Yes, they can be controlled by most automation systems via IP. Drivers are currently available for complete seamless integration with Control4. Other systems many require some custom programming.

  • I cannot browse my network using the network browse feature.

    This is a very difficult problem to address in a trouble shooting section. There are thousands of possible NAS, Servers, and storage arrays on the market. Network browse does work when the permissioning is set correctly on the given device.

    99% of all network sharing issues are permission problems.

    General Dune requirements for network browse:
    1) Accessible share on the network
    2) SMB sharing enabled (Windows default)
    3) Guest account rights given to this share

    Please consult your reseller, or contact us directly for possible assistance with your network.

  • Do Dune HD media players stream 1080P content from a network location?

    Yes. The Dune HD media players will stream HD video/audio from a local network connection. This is of course dependant on your networks capabilities. Please e-mail Dune HD USA for specific setup questions.

  • Some of my MKV or M2TS files play but others show a message on the TV display "no signal" or "signal not supported".

    More times than not, this is due to a file that has a 50HZ refresh rate, and the Dune is set to auto framerate in the video settings.  The easiest way to check this is to disable auto frame rate, and check the file.

  • My network video stutters, how do I check for network problems?

    You need to perform a speed test to ensure your network is up to the task of streaming HD video.

    1) Open the network location you play your media from.
    2) Navigate to, and highlight a large video file (.iso .mkv .m2ts or the like)
    3) While that video is highlighted, press the "I" button on the remote control and select "read test"

    This read test speed will give you a basic idea of how good (or bad)your network performance is. HD content in our tests have shown that a minimum of 8.3 MBps is required. If you do not have at least that level of performance, your network needs attention.

  • I try to steam from UPNP and cannot access all my files.

    Yes, this is proper behaviour. UPNP is not for streaming all content types. Please use NFS or SMB for streaming network HD content

  • Do Dune HD media players playback DTS HD and Dollby TruHD?

    Yes, all HD sound track options are supported on the Max, Duo, Base, Base 3D, and Smart series. The TV series units are somewhat varied.  Please check the file types supported on each product.

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